The Idea list for FoodDelivery



I'm stuck on ideas... I'm interested in making trail arts and simple games. Simple by meaning not many rules or graphics. Please put an idea down there. It would be a great help. I will give you credit if I use your idea. Thanks so much for reading!

FoodDelivery needs for a coding partner! CHOSEN

Okay! Find @Mobcraft's giant list of ideas.


@TheRealBlah is there a link to that?


A trail art of the letters TRB(No need for credit).(Also if you haven't noticed it's a joke).


Umm, I don't know. Look at this.^


How about make a trail art of something that inspires you! Like a donut, pen, sunglasses, candy...


Something related to food... Or i was thinking of trail arts of buildings in the city!


@FoodDelivery you are really good at food trail arts, so why dont you do like a glass of milk or water


Here's some of mai(weird and funny) ideas:

Trail art ideas:
Soccer ball
Choccie :chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar:
A dabbing potato
Cherry juice
Blackberry Danish
Hawaiian pizza

Game ideas:
Potato bounce
Cake-eating Competition
Short visual novel
Food fight
Rose picker
Pencil sharpening


woah, @StarryDream awesome list!


Mai ideas are flowwwwwwwwing arrrrrrrround…


Make a game where you have to dodge moving lines that are spiralling


Okay thanks everybody! I might do a cake-eating competition or

Thanks @FatUnicorn and @StarryDream


Lol you should do dodging da moving lines WHILE eating cakes!:cake::cake::cake::cake::cake::cake::cake::cake::cake:
Mmm caique


Good idea! It will be hard to make though


Take your time​:smile:


I am going to make a chocolate donut, a strawberry donut and a vanilla donut on a plate! I'll give you credit!




@Niftynia75 I need you to help come up with combinations and options for a project!


I know this sounds confusing, but do you know my "What's my future" series?