The I Need Help Topic



Do you need help on a specific project? Tag Hopscotchers that you think might know how to fix the problem. And again it is coding based, so its not limited to HS. And yes, I SBYP.


This is a good idea, but are you really sure it is needed?
We already have the Talk to a Hopscotcher topic, and after all, this is exactly what the forum is for :D


Yes, but talk to a Hopscotcher is a DISCUSSION Topic. Hence its name.


I think this is really similar to talk to a hopscotch her. Maybe recycle?


Pretty much the whole forum is supposed to be to ask people for help... Maybe recycle?


@t1_hopscotch? Ok so I need help with this rhythm game there are a few glitches and things I would like to add. Here it is:


emoji is more off-time every time it comes back

Some occasional music glitches

Things i want to add

two emojis at once

Maybe description of how you did like on rhythm heaven