The "I don't know what you mean!" Topic!


long ago...

So, your minding your own buissness, and all of a sudden you read something and you don't know what it means. "What is LP???", you want to ask. But there is no topic to ask it on!!!

present day

Well, now there is!


first lol


second lol


Can you explain this a little more? To be honest, I'm confused. :stuck_out_tongue:


What is ikr or whatever?


'I know right'




Like someone says PT, and they don't know what it means, so they ask here. I think.



It's a hard one, IKR XD


But seriously what does LP mean XD


I always think lotsa pizza. But I'm not sure


It means PopTart0219 who's a user on the forum! :D

I know u know that XD


LotsaPizza. :DD

You are talking about the user, right?


Ur right! :D

I think


omg senpai is here act cool XD


omg senpai called me senpai don't scream and embarrass ur self




Wut does LP stand fer???
the suspense is killing mu


Lotsa Pizza


Oh ok. And why does yer bio says what is says?