The "I don't have access to my own topic" / "Could you take this out of the lounge?" topic



Okay think I’m done!


My topic explaining an error with the forum has been lounged, can so,done please unlounge it?


If you mean this one:

then I’m actually gonna leave that one in there’s bc it’s a duplicate.

If it’s another one, uhhh, lemme know ig


Could you link to one?


umm here’s an old one from tankt


could someone put a picture of bill nye in my w secret gt? i don’t want it to be unlounged but i think it needs a picture of bill nye and i don’t have access to it


yeah sure




Really? That’s a poor excuse for hiding my topic. That topic was posted for an entirely different purpose.


There was also one where people were asking about how to do unread topics and how to get into them.
Maybe that’s why it got lounged


Alright, @Madsie05 could you unlounge my topic? I need to edit to to make it more relevant.


Dude I have no idea, I didn’t lounge it.

But sure, I’ll unlounge it rn :)

Edit: done