The "I don't have access to my own topic" / "Could you take this out of the lounge?" topic



I’m pretty sure my Undertale/Deltarune topic got moved to the lounge. Could someone take it out?




@Gobli09 thank you :).


no problem


Could somebody please unlounging my “I’ve been impostered again” topic?
Unless it should stay in loung for a good reason.
I just was letting people know that I am not a troll who clears whiteboards and am not hindu. Which imposters have done.
Nobody actually ever cleared that whiteboard anyway. It didn’t say anything like “who cleared.”


Yeah sure.

I’ll get Fea to get on and unlounge it for you after they see why it was lounged

Edit: okay done. Fp unlounged it but it could’ve gone in a gt so they just put “leave unlounged until resolved” in the title, so whenever the thing is over, just ask someone to lounge it again I guess?


Thanks but somebody lounged it again I guess it’s fine there


Shall I unlounge it again? just wondering


Thanks for offering but you dont have to


My bro’s GT got lounged seconds after he made it and his old one is months old.


Could I please have my GT unlounged? I just made it bc the other one was as dead as Marley.


Hey there.

I believe your new GT was lounged as it was a duplicate of your old one.

I would think it’s best to continue using the old one but if you like, I can lounge the old one and take the new one out of lounge


Thanks, I’d like the old one lounged and the new one unlounging. : )
— my bro who told me this irl without the smiley face tho


Ugh COME ON @thatspamlounger
Can you please just unlounging my is there too much lounging going on topic which is a topic that members should have access to I think and my bro’s GT
Sorry I just hate when people do unnecessary lounging which always happens to me and it’s always unnecessary

or can ya at least give me a good reason @thatspamlounger

Oof sorry just half ranting half asking for the topics to be removed


I took a topic out of lounge so maybe someone put it back in.

Would u like me to look into it??


If you want to you can


Which topics are u after??


My brother Gamecodingcrazy123 made a new GT, and then I made a “do you think topics are getting lounged too often” (which ironically enough was lounged, I guessed it)


Okay, I’ll remove both I guess