The "I don't have access to my own topic" / "Could you take this out of the lounge?" topic



FP wanted it to be lounged
There’s going to be a few members who want to be in so I’ll unlounge it


Bad idea.


And also I thought we were unlounging it only on the day of?


I think Mr.rex wanted it moved to today.


Actually I think that’s topic got deleted. Oh well.


Oh, darn.
Someone flagged it anyway.


Yeah ik.

I got two flags I think.


No, three, I think. First three posts.


No I got two.

How would you know that? * suspicious suspicious*


Ana could see the topic anyways, whether it got flagged or not


Can someone unlounge my GT?


what does lounge mean


It’s a category only regulars can see.


What does it look like? (get regular, then take a screen shot of it)


If your topic gets lounged as a member though, it says that the person moved it to the same category.

Anyone need unlounging?
In case anyone is new, it is when a new, basic, or member user loses access to their own topic


If there will be a new category, it will be called #mess, where stuff with nonsense go.


Can someone unlounge the last topic I made? It was called computers and tech topic or something like that


I’d uncounted it if I had regular.
Do you know why it was lounged?


Gotcha no problem



why is this on wiki

why not


You could tag omtl or pomtl