The "I don't have access to my own topic" / "Could you take this out of the lounge?" topic



I really need to get regular sigh


It’s out. I added the #donotlounge and #petrichordontlounge tags I made for a bunch of other topics he spamlounged


why do you keep lounging my topic
what’s the reason it’s hs related and that topic is really old so I made a new one
pls stop
and I don’t want fp or whoever else to keep repeatedly unlounging it


It’s fine.

That’s basically all I’ve been doing since I got reg. I’m okay with it…


unlounge my water is wet thing <333


Okay, someone lounged my new GT.

Seriously, there’s no rules about when you can’t make a new GT.
Besides, people said it was fine.

Could someone please unlounge it?

I’ll add the do not lounge tag.


he lounged again :rage:


Add the don’t lounge tag when it’s out of lounge, unless it’s already there.


When I become regular again I will be the unlounging hero we all need uwu



We could make an unlounging team tag list of something.


Please, someone take my GT out of lounge.
Someone said there was “secret rules” of when you can’t make a GT, but they’re not official, so I don’t care about them.

People have made new GTs for the same reasons I made a new one.
How come they’re allowed, but I’m not?


I can’t find it


I unlounged it, but there’s still no reason to make a new GT. There aren’t many reasons to edit the first post, and if you want to edit the title or the tags, you can tag a regular.


Okay, thanks!

Edit: someone lounged it again. :expressionless:
And I think I know who it is but I won’t say because the person may feel insulted.


@336 who are you


Probably somebody trying to be cool as @666/@A_Metalhead


Again, someone is lounging my GT.
@petrichor please stop it!! I’ve got stuff I need to see in there. Why don’t you just stick to your GT rules and not enforce them on others? They’re not official, anyway. Why should non-official rules be enforced?


Poor boy @Petrichor is fishy eating fish


Weee I got regular anyone need gt unlounging yeehaw


who lounged that mr.rex funereal topic?