The "I don't have access to my own topic" / "Could you take this out of the lounge?" topic



Can we just get rid of the officially unofficial part?
I think it’s fine without


I like this idea, I used to just ask it on a regular’s or my GT, as I have had this issue before


I was just in the lounge and people keep spamlounging… I’m just starting to add a #donotlounge tag to spamlounged topics…

Actually, I’m gonna add that to this one, if you people don’t mind.


alright, thanks


Yeah no prob.


yeah, some regulars want to be leader-ish and lounge every single topic they see. and they don’t understand that their actions are, well, unnecessary. what if members still want to reply, or the topic was necessary for them…
i mean this is a great topic, thx, Gobli


sorry, i just wanted to check one topic, but it was lounged


That’s really true.

They keep doing that with the Igbt topics, which is annoying.
Also with the anniversary topic Kitty4U made — no reason for that to be lounged


I don’t think they want to be leader-ish, maybe they’re just trying to troll some people idk

which one?


Which one?

I can take it out for you if you want and then put it back in when you’re done. (Well, only if it deserves to be lounged)


hmm, i don’t really think it’s necessary (to unlounge). i thought people will start offending a new user, who created a topic before searching for similar ones


Ahh. Well, that’s probabaly true.
They’d probabaly still be bashed on from regulars. Idk. I’m not gonna start anything up.


this is off-topic, but let me ask you to help me w/ my terrible grammar.
should i say “…for the similar ones” or “…for similar ones”? thx


I’m prob the last person you wanna ask for grammar help bro.

I’d prob go with “for similar ones”.

It just finally registered… I’m talking to the DMF… wow…
and DMF actually asked me for help with something. Double wow.
I’m just gonna be in shock for the next 5 minutes on my gt. Don’t mind me.


Could we move his to a different category?
Maybe Collabs Requests and Competitions?

That way, if a basic user wants to ask someone to unlounge a topic, they can use this one instead of making a whole new topic.
And you technically are requesting something


Can someone unlounge my never have I ever topic


Yeah I got it.

I was playing with Rex and Kayro and I just realized that someone (think it was Petrichor) lounged it


thx tho


Yeah don’t mention it


wow what a surprise he lounged it again