The "I don't have access to my own topic" / "Could you take this out of the lounge?" topic



A few members’ topics get lounged, and then they make another topic asking someone to unlounge it. These topics can get annoying. So here’s a topic where you can tearfully ask a regular to unlounge your topic. Have fun.

Someone45356's general topic of topicness and anxiouness because yes
Topic Portal v3

What a great idea


thanks I actually was the one who had the idea this time


noicest idea everz
(Then it won’t get clogged in forum)


Has anyone seen the rainbowsforGod topic floating around the lounge? If so, could you unlounge it?


Yes! Please unlounge that. BTW, Sophia, on that note, did you see that Ken Ham is starting a taking back the rainbow campaign? (Reply in a GT)


No, wasn’t that deleted?


This is a great idea.


I thought it was. Someone could email THT?


I don’t know if tht can undelete topics


don’t you mean the dinosaur topic?


That’s what I heard from Fearless, but they heard from Nindroid…so yeah. Idk.


I can’t find it, so it probably is.


Well, I’m a reg now so I’ll go see if I can find it


this smart topic was made by smart bean gobling


There’s no reason to put an OFFICIAL in the title.


It was definitely deleted. Good riddance


someone else edited that in oops


What a good idea! I’m surprised that nobody has seen this before. If I were a Regular, I would put this topic on “watching”!


I’ve got it on watching anyway.