The I am bored topic for projects and random stuff. Watch emoji tv here!

Hi, so this is a topic for you to go to when you're bored. This HS related cause you can share projects.

Here you can:

Share projects
Post random stuff
Watch emoji tv (my new HS series)


Be appropriate
Don't start debates or flame wars
Don't post everything here, make your own topics

Emoji tv

episode 1: don't trust those


I like emoji tv, it is very funny

Thanks... I to made a video with robotic voice overs on the project, but it wouldn't let me upload it.

I like your tv, it is very funny

Wow, two compliments on the tv! I'll make another one soon!

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Maybe make this your random/general topic?

I already have a general. And this is for people who are bored, how else can I say it? And what's wrong with this in the first place?

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