The HUHHHHHH challenge (nice version)


If you haven't heard of this challenge look it up! Basically you say an "I'm ____ and I (insert insul.t here) HUHHHHH". This is a nice version. So insert a nice thing instead of a insult.

Basically, do the HUHHHH challenge to other forumers. You MUST say something nice though.

If this isn't a good idea I'm sorry. Please be nice.

I'll start:

I'm @MelodiousParrot and I'm a amazing coder HUHHHHH


I'm @phase_admin and I'm so amazing and beautiful inside HUUUUUUH


ur so noice.
Im @KayKay and i am so awesome and pretty and huuuuuuhhhhhh!


I'm @xXBARNSLEYFCXx and I have Draco Malloy hair and murphy said it looks ugly but it's actually cool huuuuuuh


Thxs fren
Wait how do you know what I look like lol


i am just assuming the good things.


Someone did the huh challenge to Jacob Sartorius GAAAA it was so darn funny :joy::joy:


I am assuming...
That you're blonde hair and green eyes


People insult him on the time, my friends and I do it on a daily basis

Yesterday this kid in my class roasted him and we all screamed in the middle of NYC HENHHH :joy:

On topic, I don't have any nice roasts, it just doesn't work


Oh and today in music class we were practicing using auto tune and I rapped a ricegum diss track and my music teacher was like "this sound so like a diss track :joy::joy:"


Hello, I'm @OrEndA and I always claim to be untalented when I'm actually one of the most talented people out there—
I'm also an amazing friend and always know how to make others feel better.
I've never actually come to terms with my worth, though. I always brush it off.
I give extensive gifts and heartfelt apologies. I'm incredibly perceptive to writing, and have a gift in the arts.
I have just the right shade of humor and my personality is kind, yet stern at the same time.
I never let anyone fully compliment me, for fear of... what? Something?

Hey, I'm @KatInATopHat, and I don't fit society's labels. I don't care whatever diagnosis I get—whatever it stands by, I'm me. The amazing me.
And that's what matters.
I'm a digital art wizard who never fails to amaze my friends, and there hasn't been a random comment I haven't made. Despite the tradition's urgings, I continue on. Because I'm driven by my humor.
But for some reason, I never see how valuable I am to my friends. I never fully see to what others see. I'm blinded by the insults I've received.
And I never accept compliments either... for... some mysterious reasons.

Hi, I'm @allysaurus.rex, and I am probably the most humble artist of the century.
I draw incredibly realistic eyes but never take full credit like I should—it's always just repetition or based off of something else.
My art is incredible, and I'm equally gifted on kindness and in academics. I'm the serene counterpart for my twin—yet, by some miracle of fate, equally kind.
But why must I constantly hide behind "no, it's not that good"? Why won't I come out and accept the fact that, yes, my art truly does inspire and strike awe in others? For that same unknown reason.

Hello, I am that unknown reason.

I'm found in everyone.

Am I good or bad? It's up to you.

I both keep order and cause dischord.
And the lack of me both keeps order and causes dischord.

So why am I here?

Use me properly.


oh wow that turned out deeper than expected


@OrEndA, @KatInATopHat, @allysaurus.rex... This is true. Please take into heart what I wrote.


Hi my name is Burger King and I am diabetes huuuuuuuh


Hi, I'm @KVJ and I am crazy. I'm somehow funny and clever in the most unexpected of times. I'm honest, and faithful to friends. I can turn a frown upside down! Every answer to every post is something different and unexpected, but it always makes others laugh. I'm a great friend.

Uh, huuuuuuhh? XD

Hi, I'm @PandaBlossom and I'm special. When I make friends, it's a close bond. I can reach anyone's heart through just an iPad. I can make people smile. My art is spectacular. I put thought and heart into it. I'm a hard worker and I like it that way. I'm always standing up for my friends. Nobody can feel alone with me for a friend. Ever.

Huhhh! (That still feels awkward to say!)

Hi, I'm @XiaoMiaoMi and I'm SENSATIONAL. I'm serious and kind, and nothing can stop me when it comes to my friends. I'm creative and smart, and everything I do makes people want more. Drawings, OC comics, essays, ideas, stories, and more just seem to flow from me and into someone else's smile.
I'm a thoughtful person. I'm also an honest person. I could go on for hours, but I have to say 'huhhhhhh' at some point.



*Elle XD


( ̄^ ̄)ゞ



Oh no

Oh no I'm crying

Oh no

Thank you so much @XiaoMiaoMi

You have no idea what this means to me


I'm :new_moon_with_face: and I'm the meaning of life HUHHHHH


It was super funny!! The guy holding the camera/phone was shaking!!:joy::joy::joy::joy:


I'm @Gilbert189 and i only got my 9th featured. HUuuuuuuuuhhh