The HS book (chapeter 3 complete)



Credit to @Explorer_ for idea(explore gives credit to someone else)
Ok so I'm going to make a book when A Hacker Hacks Hopscotch and all of the hopscotchers are stuck in like code and we've got to travel to different dimensions(games users made) and stop the Hacker once and for all

Wanna sign up? Only 8 characters allowed (8/8(sorry it's taking FOREVER))
Do you wanna work for the hacker or be a hopscotcher

The first 4 will be the main Charecters
Ok I'll post my story below thanks

Chapter 1

chapeter one :terrible news
This may take a long time to explain but this was one weird story
It all started in one hopscotchers lair,the lair of KVJ!
And he was planning something that will ruin
Hopscotch forever something horrible
And one faithful morning 5 kids woke up in the lair
Their names were hoped Hoper,T7lks,KoolM123,XxBarnsleyFCxX
,DMF and Jadeybird and they are the heroes of this story
"I will hack and ruin hopscotch forever!" And that was what KVJ and his little helpers shouted all morning

Chapeter 2

So yeah you know the morning weren't a typical one and you
Know hopscotch is about to be hacked and there was one more problem that needed to be delt with
Every hopscotcher was stuck inside hopscotch
So we made this five a group and we needed to get out of here
All around this like town hall players can't see but the hacker sees
There was banners about terrible Tuesday when we will be stuck in here forever
And going everywhere we barely saw anyone because
They were stuck in the codes
We had to go...


5minutes later we were already going through to the featured page until we had started the war completely.Code was being made by you know who KJV right now we had saw some misterious people roaming around in a dark room it was a suprise of who they were. We noticed they were friendly and they were the HOPSCOTCH CHARECTERS.
Suddenly we heard the voice of star girl
She said"Bears trapped we need your help"


When 15 peeps sign up I'll start


Normal Charecter
Username: t7lks

summons @KVJ


@KVJ / Komplett2 iPhone / KomplettverrĂĽcktjunge


Yay your in the main charecters!


Too late :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok your the hacker!
Your one of the main Charecters we've got to try and defeat and you are trying to get rid of EVERY HOPSCOTCHER


Yes!!!!!!!!!! punches air but actually punches low ceiling ow


Now I'm waiting for more people!


Maybe use the OMTL? :wink:


Just to tell you this story will have lots of adventure and excitements!


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KoolM123 (Kool for short)



Normal character
Username: @DMF/DMF/DMFgames


Next person to sign up will be in the main Charecters
The others will choose something else


Plz join
I wanna get started and have something to do after school


Can i be in this?
Normal Character
Username: @Jadeybirdy