The howtos topic

Hello! I’ve had an idea to creat a topic so that people can share different tips and trick on hopscotch or the forum. On this topic you can post howtos,comment on a howto or ask questions.:grin:

Have fun


Go get a a job!

  1. Apply for one
  2. Make a good impression
  3. You get the job
  4. I needed 5 steps so I’m adding some new cr*p
  5. You’re hired, yay.

You’re ten

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I’ve worked at McDonaleds.

spell McDonald’s right and we can talk


I’ll delete that now, I don’t wanna get banned.

never heard of that place before

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What makes you think that

come on, keep conversating with me

This is for hopscotch or forum related howtos

I have a theory. But everyone apart of this needs to hear!

wow SunkM

such edge


u misspelled their username its “SweeTeaStuffz”


SunkM is the guy who works at ‘McDonald’s’

They work at “McDonaleds”

we got 2 sue them for coopering the rights to the nam “McDonalds” :exploding_head::grimacing::weary::fearful:

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actually, if you read the quote, it says


You mean when you quote my post?

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Isn’t that the name of Thomas Jefferson’s pet mockingbird tho?