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Hi there, this is the official portal for how-tos on hopscotch!
Here you can access projects and articles on how do to almost anything in hopscotch!
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How to create a shop! by: @Themasterofairjitzu


How to make a solid background by: @Gabe_N

How to use the 'or' and 'and' when blocks by: @Themasterofairjitzu .

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Created by: @Gabe_N


I'll your name here where you sign up:


I think there's a topic exactly like this by @MobCraft already...


Yes but no one uses that one anymore.


One sec....... I have three...
Make a Shop
Make "And" "Or" "When Blocks"


I all done now. :DDDDDD


We can easily revive that one and have be functional again.:slight_smile:



Plz no


All are approved!
Ill add them now!