The Hopscotch'in Awards! (Take 3)



This is a take 3 of the Hopscotch'in Awards. I will try to be active. You can nominate people but you cannot nominate yourself. Some of these nominations are people who left HF and HS. But we still nominate them for their awesomeness. :clap::clap::clap:


Most kindness @smishsmash, @Maltese nominated @Explorer_, @WitnessTheLitness, @KVJ
Best pro pic @XiaoMiaoMi, @LunaMorgana387, @KawaiiRose, @TheGreenBanana, @bluedogmc-official, @Sweetlina. [FULL]
Best pixel art @Dylan329, @BB-Box, @PixelMaster64, @FoodDelivery
Best trail art @SmilingSnowflakes, @Maltese, @FoodDelivery, @BubblegumCupcakeMix, @TheDrawer. [FULL]
Most Active @Maltese, @KVJ , @PixelMaster64, @smishsmash, @SmileyAlyssa. [FULL]
Most likely to stand up for what's right @Intellection74, @Sweetlina, @Dude73, @HappyPerson, @Candycane. [FULL]
Always got your back @happy12345678910, @smishsmash, @IShallNotBeNamed, @SmileyAlyssa, @Maltese. [FULL]
The spam liker @KVJ , @Candycane, @Dude73, @Paige1212, @ValueGamesStudio. [FULL]
The Gary user @PixelMaster64, @OnceUponATime, @Strongerthanyou
Best game maker @DotCopple, @Madi_Hopscotch_, @DMF, @PumpkinGirl, @AHappyCoder. [FULL]
Best Sin&Cos @DMF, @KVJ, @Valgo, @MagmaPOP


Wait, I was nominated? Awesome! :0


Cool! Maltese is on twice for trail art, is that on purpose?


I got nominated!


Oh that could of been by accident
Let me see…


We need
1 more for most kindest
1 more for pixel art
1 more for trail art
1 more for most likely to stand up for what's right
3 more for the Gary user
1 more for Sin and Cos


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Hi! Why was i summoned here by the OMTL?


Thank you for the nomination xD

there should be a best game maker on there


What am i nominated for?
Tastiest Taco!


Ya I edit it instead of best games


Best Bad Jokes/Puns: NeoPixel


Same with me XD if you knew me irl you would understand


I feel like I do know you IRL, your personality is like a friend of mine.

Riddle: There were 30 cows, 28 chickens. How many didn't?


10 :3


Oh yey u made a take three!!


:000 I has been nominated


I nominate @Strongerthanyou for Gary user since OUAT is already up there XD


When this happens I just have too!!!!! I can't resist it!
I nominate @Candycane for most likely to stand up for what's right!


Plz stay in topic,
And 10
I heard that joke before