The Hopscotchers POP! Magazine



Credit to @Kitkat26 for the idea

Welcome to The Hopscptchers POP! Magazine, we have some news on projects, features, and interviews. You are allowed to request an add.


To be a reporter you will be on track for projects, features, and any thing else.


Editors work with a reporter that I assign you. Editors make sure that the reporters spell everything correctly.


Interviewers will interview hopscotchers on the forum, you can interview on Talk to a hopscotcher. Interviewers will also work with an editor that I assign you.

Request an add
Even if you don't work in The Hopscotchers POP! Magazine, you can still put an add in. Just tell us what it is, (be sure to give detail) If you want you can also put in a photo.

Reporters and Interviewers can put in a photo that relates to who/what they are interviewing/reporting. Editors have to make sure that the photo is appropriate and related to it.

Every two weeks on Friday
There will be a new magazine every two weeks on Friday.

@Explorer_ reporter and interviewer with @AwesomeNachos
@Sweetlina interviewer and @Angidrawings
@KawaiiRose reporter with @MudFlowerCat
@Rainboom reporter with someone
@Hoppertoscotch reporter and interviewer with someone

Hopscotch Newsletter (Take 2)
Talk to a Hopscotcher! (take 2)

i would like to work here!


Can I be an editor? :D


What job would you like


an editor or reporter plz!


actually, i want to be a reporter plz!


@Explorer_ r u on?


Can I be an interviewer


Ok I'll change you @KawaiiRose


Ok your in!


Also I would like to have an ad!


Here is a form:
What do you want to put in the add:
Do you want a picture in it:
If yes, which one:
Your forum username:


What do you want to put in the add: Go follow Sweetlina today!!
Do you want a picture in it: yes
If yes, which one:

Your forum username: Sweetlina


Ok! I'll make sure to put it in!




Anyone else wanna join? We need some editors


We got our first interview! @AwesomeNachos do you need to edit this?


I would love to be an editor please!


@Explorer_ I can edit that if I can be an editor!


Sure! I'll edit it! Though, there's nothing much to change.