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The answer to life everything and the universe is 42




no its the anwser to the question of life the universe and evrthing


Can we stay on topic, please?



Hello @Swati_Bang! :slight_smile:
I have a great suggestion for a topic to put on here. It is really old and it isn’t that active, but I still think that it is good. It is a HSB Color list that is over two years old:
HSB color list - add your own color!


Thank you so much! I was actually just thinking of adding this topic!!

I really appreaciate this! :smile:


Bump! Let’s get this forum back to coding!


Thank you so much! I agree: although art is great and an awesome way to show creativity, it would be nice to have a little more code as well!


Also, this topic is non-editable anymore, however we can still share topics here in the reply section! :blush:


Hi everyone, and happy 2019!!

I know many hopscotchers are making 2019 goals and resolutions to up their coding game and get a few more featured projects/games!! Here is a great topic with some helpful tips to help you do that!

It was originally made by @comicvillestudios. Thank you!