The Hopscotcher's Guide: Topics and More!


Hey guys!
This topic is similar to my “Must Read for New Users”, however, is directed to Hopscotch.
Since this is the forum, I am going to focus on other forumer topics, as well as a few of mine, that is very beneficial for you!

If you have any awesome topics that are great for Hopscotch help (posting, coding, etc) that you would like to share please comment down below. I will tag the recommender as well as the author of the topic!!
This is an ongoing topic! I will constantly be up here updating it with fresh, new topics!!

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Must Read for New Users!
Hello, I am a newcomer!

Great topic BTW! This will bechelpful for new users a lot


Can I join your tag list @Swati_Bang?


Oh yeah this is cool
Here’s something


That’s good, now we have a different version of a hopscotcher’s guide!


Unfourtanetly, this is a topic purely discussing forum-related events.

It is a really great topic though, and thank you for recommending it.


Ah, for Hopscotch help, I see oops


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Lolu must be biased


Cut it out.

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Nice topic! Is the title a reference?


I am not sure what you mean by that :thinking:


Well, there’s a book called The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. And the title of your topic seemed similar to that.


Hehe I’ve always wanted to read that book

The Hopscotchers Guide to the Galactical work of coding


Remeber, flying is just falling at the ground and missing.


You read it? :D


Yee domt remeber mutch and i didnt finish the last book


I have never heard of that book…


Wait what?

I thought everyone has.

I haven’t read it but I’ve heard if it