The Hopscotchers collab stuff!



Like the title says, this is a topic for The Hopscotchers collab and it's members!
The Hopscotchers is a collab account created by VanillaCakeMix, and the members are already chosen.
Here, we will talk about stuff to do, things that need to be done, and (eventually) stuff that has been done that we can improve!

List of Members

Hopscotch username/Forum username

VanillaCakeMix (founder/leader)/N/A


Joining! This seems fun. I'm good at trail art, too.


Oops! I forgot to say that The Hopscotchers is already set up. VanillaCakeMix (VCM) already chose the members a long time ago. But you can still ask her if you can join! She's not on the forum, so I made this for the members who are on the forum.


@Paydent12, if you're still on HS, you're needed on The Hopscotchers.


There are art collabs such as ElementalArtists and PheonixArtists


What about them?


just sayin'


yay! Our own group thingy majig


Still here, just haven't been posting. Just working on drafts


Sup RedKoαℓα:koala: I'm glad your in a group! Can you ask someone if they know a club I can join or if you know one? Thanks


Can I please join I'm starting to lose interest in Hopscotch because I have nothing to do because I'm out of ideas and a bad drawer? If not that's fine I'll just pass on to a new app​:confused: Or I'll see other things see ya later


@bLUEpANDA, you'll have to ask VanillaCakeMix aka Purple [music note] Wave. She's the one who started the collab.

I'll log in to the account and ask about you joining.


Ok thanks​:wink: If I can't it's fine


Hey t7lks I will join the art club when I get to it but I will use the other account (DA-BEAST...Remixer) :arrow_left:️ That one