The Hopscotcher Heart - Come be a part of it!



I'm making a Valentine's Day project and I want everyone here to be a part of it! Here's how it goes:

There is a heart in the middle of a structure. When you tap it, it will change to an HSB color chosen by a certain hopscotcher. It will show you facts about them and their name. It will be like a "who are you most like on hopscotch" project. I want you guys to join in and be a part of it! No matter if you are the most famous hopscotcher or a new fellow with only a few likes and projects, you can be a part of it.

How to take part:
Reply to this thread with the following application filled out to your liking:

Hopscotch Name:
Chosen HSB Color:
Favorite thing on Hopscotch:

Things to note:
If your HSB color is too similar to another persons, I will ask you to change it.
I plan to have as much people as possible join this.
I want to release this on Valentine's Day, but it might be released later.
Don't make your likes, dislikes, and favorite thing too long.
My Hopscotch is Velveeta Keeta if you want to watch for the project, follow me, etc


(90's superhero music)


I have been summoned! :D

Chosen HSB color: HSB(337,10,100) (Light pink!)

Likes: Chocolate, sweaters, sweet potatoes, art, drawing, and coding!

Dislikes: Stains.

Favorite thing on hopscotch: Everything!


I'm not on it lol


I'm probably going to do it!


Hello! I'm not on the list /;-;

HSB Color! HSB(313,10,100) (Pastel Pink!)

Likes: Wolves, drawing, nature, watermelon, sweaters, art class, games, and muchy more!

Dislikes: dark colors, vegetables:-; , when I get water on my art, and yelling.

Favorite thing on Hopscotch: I like art and cool, original, awesome projects!


I stole it from your list, lol


Hopscotch name: happy12345678910
hsb color: HSB(189,96,99)
Likes: to make pixel projects or make pictures of real life Images such as my famous Google!!
Dislikes:that people use your projects with ought giving credit.
Favourite thing in hopscotch: thing in hopscotch is making projects and looking at how others make theirs!


Can you put it in the format of the application please? It makes it easier to create the description.


Ok I will edit it's!



I'm gonna add myself just in case :stuck_out_tongue:


Hopscotch Name: KawaiiPixie

Chosen HSB Color: 267, 96, 78

Likes: Potatos, Hunger games, Cats, Wolves, Purple, Pusheen the Cat

Dislikes: Mean people, and being super cold

Favorite thing on Hopscotch: Everyone and Everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD


Name: -Uptown Studios-
Color: HSB(47.7391,50,66.5) (Gold)
Likes: Beagles, football, reading, history, design
Dislikes: Baseball, Halloween, squash
Favorite Hopscotch thing: Playing and creating things;creating things people enjoy using


I like your profile picture!!!


Thanks, @SmilingSnowflakes made it for meh!!


Well it is really cute and I'm sorry to bother you but how do you send individual replies to one person so that only that person saw it? Example: I want to send JUST you a link to my project how would I do that?


You can't do that, I think.


But I thought I heard people talking about it??.?


I don't really know, gtg now bye


Bye:wave:🏻and tel me if you find put! Thanks