The Hopscotcher Art Competition



Hi Guys

It's Allyb again, and today we are having a Hopscotcher art competition. You pick a Hopscotcher, tag them in your post, and if he/she wants to, they can post what they look like for whoever wants to draw them. (or they could just say they don't want to do it). You then draw that Hopscotcher in Hopscotch, take a screenshot and post it here. It depends how many people drew he/she, but the Hopscotcher will decide who drew the picture most similar to them. Competition ends December 10th.



K I'll participate...already got permission.


Would you like someone to draw you or would you like to draw someone else.


Can u draw yourself?


Yeah I suppose u can


Okay. Tnxs. So can I be part


Of the competition i meant


Yeah, of course. Anyone can join. As long as @system doesn't close it


Could someone draw me? I have dark brown hair (in braids), greenish-brown eyes and my ideal outfit is a hoodie and tracksuit bottoms.


I'll do that. What if it isn't really you.


I'll just let loads of people draw me and decide which one is the best. Other people can ask peeps to draw them aswell


@anikeony this is 100% me (PS is this allowed? People do this on HS so I presume it is)


You mean your profile picture is 100% u?


NO! Of course not. The description I posted is 100% me


Oh okay. It's allowed. I also did post my description once on a topic.
I thought ur profile picture is just u except that it is animated.


:neutral_face: umm.. sorry to say but this will take a lot of time.
I made a major mistake so I think I'll start over.

I'll possibly be through after....maybe 2 hrs


And umm.. is it only one side of the hair that is braided just like the picture or two


Wow that looks great!


It looks great, but I usually wear my hair in 2 braids. Sry :joy::joy:


Thank you but I think if @WhiteFeathers was here she would do definitely better.