The Hopscotch Wolf pack 2.0!

So a group of members from the previous wolf pack have revived the club and we’re starting it up again!


Here is the original explanation of the pack, written by the elder @Malie.

Before reading onwards, this is not an RP. It is, you could say, a club.

Welcome to the Hop Wolf Pack. We are an art and coding club for mature hops who are looking for a place to actually get feedback and help, not just type emojis and 'lols' (Yes, we do goof off sometimes, and we all are funny people). The way the packs work, is everybody starts off with a low rank in the pack. You can earn points by giving feedback, answering questions, and more. Different ranks require a higher amount of points than the one below them, if you get that many points, you move up. There will be 35 people in the pack. How many people do we want? If you get to the second highest rank in the pack (Beta) you have to choose your speciality (Art or coding), and by then, your expected to be reliable, and good at answering questions-though of course you don't need an answer to every question :wink:. There are ranks like Elder that can only be achieved by being in the pack for a certain amount of time. If your interested, fill out the form to join! The pack members will be posted on Wednesday or Thursday.

Form to join is at bottom of post

Notices for the Pack

If you're tagged, that means you haven't confirmed if you are still interested in the club. You have until October 5th at midnight Eastern time, and if you don't reply, we'll have to cut you from the club.


So, our members so far have come together and come up with some new things. I was elected Alpha, and then we voted on 3 amazing sentinels. Our new sentinels are Rawrbear, RubyStars, and Intellection74!

List of Ranks and How To Earn Points

So as it explained above, there is a points system for when you code, make art, and show support to the pack. Right now, the ranks and points to move up to each rank are:
Alpha - Chosen by the past alpha when he/she steps down
Über Beta- 75 points
Betas - 50 points
Warriors - 30 points.
Medics - 20 points.
Hunters - 15 points.
Apprentices - 10 points.
Pups - The rank you get when you are accepted into the pack.
Elders - Someone in the pack for more than 4 months.
Sentinels - Three betas chosen specifically by the alpha because they consistently are giving helpful feedback and staying on topic.

Also, here is the point chart for, well, points! XD
- Useful post, answering a question, giving feedback, etc--0.5 points

Dedicates a project to the wolf pack--3 points

Makes a Wolf Pack related project--5 points

Mentors a Wolf pup to make a new game (Wolf Pack related or not)--7 points

Member List with Rankings and points

Alpha: Dude73 (me lol)
Elder: @Malie
Sentinels: Ruby, Rawry, and Inty!
Pups: @Waffle_Draws, @RobotPro, @AwesomeJediE, @Sweetlina, @Madi_Hopscotch_ ,@FascinatingTreehouse, @EnchantedAnimallover, @SUPERSWAGGY, @Razor
Dude73--- 2 Points

If you wish to join this club, please fill out the form. The pack has not decided how we are going to accept pups, but if you fill one out we’ll definitely check you out. And when we make a decision, we will definitely consider you.


Hopscotch Username:
Forum Rank:
When did you start hopscotch:
Number of years on hopscotch:
You mostly do art or coding:
Do you have 30+ likes on a project:
Your best project(s):
Short paragraph about why you would be good for the pack:

I guess that’s it for now, tell me if I should add something. :smiley:
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