The Hopscotch Welcome Team


The Hopscotch Welcome Team is a group of people, and if they see a new user, they make a project for them, welcoming them and showing them around! I think it would be quite encouraging to new users!
Our Levels:


(No One Can Get this)


Very hard!




Kinda easy..


First participation.


Hopscotch Welcome Team (NEW) [NEW MEMBERS WELCOME]

Please make me an admin pretty pleaseeeeeee I'll be your best friend


Well, I can make u leader, but u can be a long time leader, when I said no one can get this, I mean not right now at least..


This is an amazing idea! It's a bit like the Scratch Welcoming Committee–but much better!
I might want to join, I'll think about it :D)


Thanks, I am soo glad u like it!
I had no idea if people would like this..


Nice idea! This is rlly kewl, I might want to join!


:DD TYSM! glad u like it!


Your welcome! Rlly kewl idea! ;3


Okay make me a leader pleaseee


I like this idea. Although I'm not sure if I have time to make people projects, sorry :frowning:


And that's what I call begging LOL
Not trying to be mean


Yeah well I am very offended


Well I'm sorry let me tell you this
I still can't cross the road by my self
I'm 11


Guys can we not fight on mai topic please


Okay we won't sorry senpai


Ack ipad gunna die brb


I'd love to be part of this please!


Sure, ur in! letsadd u to the cmtl and basic categoriez


have u decided if u wanna join, if so, let me know!


Sure I'll join I like welcoming people