The Hopscotch Webplayer

okay got it, tysm for the super detailed explanation! :D


Modded player is up again!

People who noticed/asked about this



i just finished coding my game literally less than 2 minutes ago
now i can test! :D


For some reason I got a tag to your draft post temporarily that was kinda wack and now that notif is gone, but nice work! Can’t wait to see this finished!


Glad the Modded Webplayer is fixed!

What happened? (If it’s ok to ask)


Service I was using had a change in usage so I had to fix something on my dashboard. Can’t really say more than that but basically all of HS Tools API[1] was broken for a couple days

  1. modded webplayer (modded on the fly), videos, full reference chart, filter checker, etc. ↩︎


my new topic? lol

btw, do i need to add a code to automatically close the server (whatever it’s called) once the round is finished?


Well, that sounds complicated. Great job on the fix though :wrench:


No, see edit reason

If you call socket-leave on the host device, everyone will get disconnected (at least, I think that’s how I coded it)


yes thats what i mean :sweat_smile: i still dont understand how lol, it also happened in the past
now that you received the tag can i ask you a favour? quickly read the op to make sure everything’s right, that i didnt break any guidelines in the comp - thx!

ok, but is that necessary? i heard in the past there were too many open rooms and that you’d like us to close rooms when we finish the game

btw quick question, not receiving the “Room does not exist” message = successfully connected?


Can’t because I can’t see it anymore lol. Maybe if you edit that post it’ll let me see it again though

If you want to disconnect everyone, sure. But in my reworked system, rooms will automatically close after a certain amount of time (think it was 24 hours but I don’t remember)

yeah I think so. You can get the player count (should be in docs) and it should be more than one if it’s connected


ok ill go do that

ok then in that case i will not disconnect bc im already stuck in a bug :P

i didnt find it so i went in “test2” in your project builder and copied your code lol

may i ask you to debug something very basic later if i cant find out whats causing my bug? :sweat_smile:

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If host connection to the page is lost then it will destroy in 30 seconds

lol nice

Can’t promise I’ll get to it in a timely manner, but sure feel free to tag me to it

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I think the post is fine, but I’ll need to do a quick review of the project at some point just to make sure there’s nothing fishy going on there (although I trust you wouldn’t do that, I still need to check :)⁣)

So, hold off on posting for now while I confirm with team and review the project

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sent you a in-app notification :) you’ll receive “Tri-Angle linked your project…”
tmk you’ll receive the notif in less than 2 hours but it might be shorter

ok sorry i need debugging lol - im a noob at multiplayer n stuff

so i have this block setting the modded variable "array" to a number

then these two checks who are receiving the value passed

but somehow it does work ._. im not sure how to explain further

ah and i checked that the received value is “0”


wait is it again the data escaped thing?

  • If you want xgrid to be a string, you need "_data_escaped"

Sometimes if a read doesn’t exist, it might be empty string instead of zero (different from how HS works), but it seems fine to check as zero based on what you said

will have to see more in the project later

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i somehow forgot we can share project with uuid instead of just sending a notif with hopscotch lol
edit history

nop it’s a number :+1:


Nice! Btw @Awesome_E - out of curiosity, how does the modded player work? Is it a rewrite, or how were you able to add in your own hooks?

Sorry, not sure if you wrote about this before!


Modded player which is exactly what it does, mod the player using the project builder.

For example controller support, which can only be ran in the modded player. Some secret blocks can also only be ran in the modded player. Hope this helps ^ ^

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