The Hopscotch Webplayer



Custom _ae_webplayer_actions are separated from the webplayer JS file, so it will work on any player version.

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look at this distinguished gentleman


I just tried this out for myself, and it works perfectly. Here is a project I made that tests it (Press L3 to change it to green, release to change it back to red).

Apparently it only works if you copy the link into the search box of your player… I tried the link that takes you straight to your player but it surprisingly didn’t work… in terms of the controller…

I might also add this to my game, but I’ll have to change my local variables to trait variables due to the incompatibility of Local Variables on your player.

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I’m speechless
I haven’t even tried out keyboard support, yet here you are making Hopscotch seem more like a console

Keyboard and controller support is something Hopscotch should really consider implementing, once the online version of the app is working again.

Super excited that it can support multiple controllers since it would be hard for online multiplayer controllers to play an FPS game. Now there will be virtually no lag between players and people’s hands won’t be scrunched up on an iPad anymore. Definitely going to be using this.


Whipped up an old game to demo this as well, no UI but it was made in a short time –

Movement = left joystick, Fire = right trigger (RT // R2)
:a: or :o2: = X (□)
:b: or :eight_pointed_black_star: = Y (▵)
:heart_decoration: = A (✕)
:eight_spoked_asterisk: or :sparkle: = B (◯)
Press menu (≡ / options / start) on BOTH controllers to restart game

First controller connected = Robo
Second controller = Space Pod

Robo Fight 6000 – Controller Edition!

Thanks! (and I agree!)

Awesome, tag me with anything that uses this!


What button would that be on DualShock4? There’s Share (Select on DualShock3), Options (Start on DualShock 3), PS Button (holding this will open the App Library on iOS and iPadOS), and obviously all of the other buttons.

Is it not that symbol (≡)? Should be the button on the towards the top (start?)


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Got ya. Yeah, on DualShock4 it’s labeled as “Options”

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@Awesome_E I found a hilarious bug in your player

And yes, it actually did get checked as if the not operator was never there.

And it was uploaded to the player as is, no modifications were made.


@Awesome_E I just found out your player can easily bypass the 999 character limit in prompts. However, I think that made it unable to be copied.

For reference, the length of my string was 14001 characters long (that part was accidental, I meant to only input a length of 1400), where the HS app can only show 999 of those characters in a prompt at a time. (I can easily copy 10,000 characters at once on your player).

That could be an app vs webplayer difference if you’re talking about prompt message, since I didn’t change anything to make it happen.