The Hopscotch Webplayer



mod the editor?
woudl be nice to have the old editor, that looks like

it’s IMO my favorite editor version.
(pic “stolen” from google images)


:man_facepalming: the old projects do NOT have the old webplayer attached to it.

The JSON file sets the variable version.
The webplayer reads the version that was set and runs the project accordingly. So unless you have a webplayer from 2014, you can’t do that

Unless you have an old app version with your preferred editor


It’s really exact and is like awesome back then
The 2016 editor in June was really cool


i think a backup of my old ipad had a version from late 2015/early 2016


I have a version supporting web players, but it’s still old.

  1. Copy your Webplayer folder via iTunes file transfer
  2. Upload it to Google Drive
  3. Go to your iPad and hit the download button in safari (cannot be done on PC)
  4. Copy the URL (should be something like https://doc-0c-16-docs.googleusercontent…)
  5. Paste in in a reply

Edit: oops that’s not how to do it (bad step 1)


i will do it later, when i have a chance,


– Elements of the Webplayer: –

Line Spacing

(Add anything you find or instructions on how to mod it)


Should I release a copy of the tweaked line spacing mod?

  • All it modifies is the line spacing when the font size is different, so all projects with the normal font size (pretty much everything) will not be affected.
  • Yes
  • Hacker
  • No
  • I don’t really care
  • I must have it
  • Cool
  • Not really, but ok

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Reopening the topic:


  • HS App and it works
  • iOS in web browser and it worked
  • Mac in web browser and it worked
  • PC in web browser and it worked
  • HS App and it didn’t work
  • iOS in web browser and it didn’t work
  • Mac in web browser and it didn’t work
  • PC in web browser and it didn’t work
  • My device is not listed (please reply with device name)

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I may release it soon, it’s only one tweak and doesn’t mess with any important mapechanics.


@MareJCS what device are you using? Android on web? And are there any results or does it load forever?


I’m on my wink wink
Smart tv
Yeah it said it can’t open cause the links invalid or some junk and I was just like


It worked just fine for me. What exactly is it doing?


Just a test to see if it can identify your device. This is because text objects have the slightest difference of collision boxes in certain areas.


That’s just awesome! It worked on an iOS device in both the app and the browser. The code is really interesting as well. Maybe you can make this based on FPS as well? And how did you figure the “thing” with text boxes out?


Short story Clover Runner.

Slightly longer story
  1. I made Clover Runner.
  2. I played it on a phone
  3. I played it on an iPad
  4. The health bar has a trail under it, while the rest of the status bar is a text with spaces between.
  5. There was a small gap in trail width and object size between iphone and ipad
  6. I thought: what if Minigames could identify your device
  7. I did a collision test on ipad size projects, results wee different. That is the device alpha test thing I was doing.
  8. I noted the collision values on various devices.
  9. It’s somewhat in Minigames. If you are in a web browser, in game optons will be disabled.


This has to do with collisions. Webplayer does not affect performance in these projects, and if you want to see something somewhat FPS based, look at my old fruit ninja projects. It will actually speed up the project if your device is slower to maintain the same playing speed.


That’s just awesome! It’s really cool that you try to make your projects work on all devices.


i improved on your design and gave a bit of headroom so most devices should work properly