The Hopscotch Webplayer



Anything about the Hopscotch WebPlayer? Talk about that here! @CreationsOfaNoob

This can include possibly modding the webplayer or a certain part of how it works in general.

I made a small tweak to “fix” line spacing issues with the “copied glitches” project, but I know very little about how the whole WebPlayer works.

Tell me if I am wrong, but I think I am the first here to mod the WebPlayer.

How does it relate to HS?
We can see how the webplayer can improve by analyzing and tweaking small parts about it.


This is a great idea! My iPad is a “family iPad” so I don’t want to change any code and JSONs because of that and also because that I don’t want my Hopscotch App to stop working. But I am interested in how the web player works? Does it have to be modified for each project or can you just modify a single file or directory? And how does these changes take effect? Do you just have to publish a project with a modified web player for it to work?


The webplayer In your iTunes folder decides how everything in any Hopscotch project works. This includes creating it to default values to what block does what.

It’s like copying and modifying Json’s (copy via iTunes) but it takes effect on every project you create or open


It’s risky so step 1 create a backup.

(They may also come in handy later if you don’t like an update)

Or tell me what to modify… I’ll try to find it


i wonder if playing old projects downloads the old player?



The webplayer is 80% of what runs the app and online webplayer


huh ok coool

i just wish it was possible to mod the editor. lol


It is


Web player + safari = trash
Chrome ist gut though


Soo true. Chrome is live


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But if you used an old app version and uploaded a project from there?


The old App would come with the old webplayer

If you add the new one in, it would work almost like the new one, I’d imagine.


So, what if I tried uploading a project from the very old editor (if you know what I mean with that)?