The Hopscotch Tutorial (not finished with pics but you can look!)


Hi! In this topic,I'll do a tutorial for coding in Hopscotch! I'll try to do one or more each day. Thanks for reading!

How to:Smooth BG

First,take out a text object
Then,select when game starts.
Get a set position block.
Set the X position to -1 and Y position to 0.
Then,get a 'repeat' block.
Repeat (iPad's width)
Then,get an draw a trail block and pit it inside the repeat block,choose any colour you want for the top,but I'm going to choose dark blue. Then select the width, I'm going to make it 10
Replace the move forward block with a set poster block.
Set position (text's X Position)+1 Y 0
Then take another draw a trail block and put on inside the repeat block. Choose a different color,I'm going to choose sky blue and the same width,10.So if your width in the first draw a trail is 10 then your width here SHOULD be 10 too!
Replace the move forward block with a set position block.
Set position X (text X Pos.)+1 Y(iPad height)
Then press play!
Easier way to understand :
When game starts:
Set position to X -1 Y 0
Repeat (iPads Width value):Draw a trail dark blue width 10:
Set position to X (text's X pos.value)+1 Y 0
Continuing form the repeat width:
Set Position to X (texts X pos. Value)+1 Y (iPads height value)
The code should look like:
The result should look like:

Thanks for reading! If you have questions! Just ask by replying and I'll reply back as soon as I see it!


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