The Hopscotch Tournament! [Closed]



Many People wanted to join @Nerd4Ever's tournament but there (sadly) was not enough room! So, I am hosting a tournament just like his! @tankt2016 @Destined_Taco1 Only 8 spots allowed sorry! :wink:

1. @RubyWolf1
2. @tankt2016
3. @Fun_in_the_Sun
4. @SabotageWarning
5. @GiraffeProductions
6. @Sugarisyummy
7. @Destined_Taco1
8. @Sprinkles7
9. @RubyStars
10. @Timelord007
11. @Rawrbear
12. @Wookie
13. @iReesesCup
14. @SkydivingWalnut
15. @Giraffedolphin26

There will be 16 participants in total, and the first round will have 8 matchups. Everyone will be given a theme, and you will have to build a project around that. The best project out of each matchup (Decided by myself) moves on to the next round. Round 2 will have 4 matchups, and the winners of that will move on to the semifinals. The final winner will receive one of three prizes.


I may join if my iPad works, but don't count me in... Yet!


Ok! That's awesome! Also, I will randomly select match ups once 8 people join :wink:


Can I please join? I was declined in the other tournament. And I really need something to do


Can I join? Couldn't get in on the other one.


Of course! @tankt2016 that's why I tagged you :wink:


I will join here. If that's ok.




@Fun_in_the_Sun Thanks so much! Make sure you guys read the rules on @Nerd4Ever's topic :wink:


Me! I'll join! I've been on Featured once.


Cool! Four more people!


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Do any of you want to join? @Wookie @RubyStars @Timelord007 @iReesesCup


@Intellection74, yeah I saw. :sob: Maybe you could help judge on the collab account?


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Yes. ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ


Do you want me to use the friendly mass tag list?


Sure! Please put it in details. Thanks! @Fun_in_the_Sun


Can I join?
(Is to short -_-)


Of course! 3 more people!