The Hopscotch team is awesome! I support them!



So the hopscotch team have been insulted a lot, and called unfair. Its mainly because they have been closing topics.

I just wanna say, I support them.

They are doing their best to keep the forum safe. And if they think a topic needs closed, or if a person needs suspended, they most likely do. Sometimes they may not. But when that happens, it's simply a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes.
Also, they are really nice. Most of the time, kids don't get much support. It's cause... Well it's cause they are kids. Nobody takes them seriously. The hopscotch team has supported me in a lot of things and helped me and others a lot too. And, most of hopscotch is free. Most things don't cost money. Basically, they are being really nice.

Is anyone with me here?

And if you don't have anything nice to say in this topic, don't say anything :smile:


Like I said... One suspension has spammed the forum.


This isn't because of one suspension. It's because of people not liking them and saying that they are unfair. I'm trying to find some people who really love the way they do things and support them like I do :smiley:


They do things well.


This topic is awesome!! I agree!! (о´∀`о)


Yeah, that's why we should support them. Hopscotch wouldn't even be here without them. And if it wasn't, I wouldn't have found out how much I love coding lol



I totally agree!

If you want to say bad things about THT, the forums are NOT the place to do it.


@SmilingSnowflakes @MR.GAM3R woohoo lol





I agree! <hfjfhfhfjhfndndndnfncckfkfkfkfkkffjjfjfjfjfjgjfgj%


true dat. i respect their actions, how else are they going to make money? subscrptions i think are actually a good idea, because it doesnt steal from the experience of hopscotch, and allows you to support the team, pretty neat.


Yup! And unlike some places, they aren't making things that were free before cost money later. That's really nice :clap:


I'm glad there's a lot of people who agree!


its true, a single buy wont last them long, so something like subscriptions will keep a stable money income, of course if we could afford it. (persuading parents is hard when it comes to deliberatly "wasting" money as they call it)


and making it free is better, because then people might want subscription! THT is smart, now if only I actually had enough money...


Yeah, if I had enough I would get a subscription (mainly to support them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

They are really smart :smile::+1:


Same! I totally agree with the subscriptions, but I don't have enough money!


sadly, they also have... The forums to deal with... (dun dun dun...) but otherwise, its all great! I mean, they even have merchandise now!


Because it's just plain mean, and you probably will get suspended (that was a exaggeration). Well, just don't do it.


Yeah! Wouldn't it be great if they could make plushies of the hopscotch characters? Too bad they can't do that, but it would be great lol