The hopscotch team has been hacked? [Forget it, please close this]



I went onto their profile and there was a flappy bird game with a Dino on it. All the program did was change the color to red. This doesn't seem like something the hopscotch team would do. Were you hacked? @Ian @Liza @alish @asha


I saw that too! and thought the same thing


It might have been a test, published by mistake


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Look at their profile on hopscotch.


I did, I also checked their likes for spams, but their last one was one of mine 3 days ago. It was Radius, better check it out! :wink:


Maybe on some iPads or Phones, the character did turn red


No, it is a hacker! I looked at it, closed the app, opened it again and it had been liked by me and I didn't touch the button! Actually, I made sure that it wasn't liked by me when I closed it!


I saw 44 likes on it, then 43 and knew you had probably tested it, but I guess it was a hacker


Aparently, the Hopscotch team has resolved it. The project is deleted.


Huh, that is weird. 202020202020202020


haha the hopscotch team is a company. it caant be hacked sillies. but other than that no one has bean hacked. no projects or anything, hopscotch team is deleting projects because people assume they are hacked and the team is trying to comfort you. You guys are jsut so irratating thinking your hacked because the internal code of hopscotch says otherwise. no one has ever hacked or done anything to the hopscotch code (exept me) and no ones account have really bean hacked. or games for this matter. please dont assume hackers are evil, im not (though Ive seen a lot of passwords) and a lot of people are nice people.


Same here!!!!!!!!!!!!


What we mean by hacked is different from you. By hacked, we mean that someone is on our account and has changed something. You have some other crazy thing where they take everything from your account. If you watch youtube, Ryan Higa posted a video on how he got hacked.


oh my gosh. I know this, we have already established this. That isnt called hacking. Its called Finding a password. @Kiwicute2015 I do not have a crazy other idea, I am completely sane, and based on what you just said to me, I think you may be the one who isnt sane. I have already known this, so please stop saying I dont.


I do agree with you. I am not sane!:wink:


I don't see it... 20


you dont see what? just point to it.


same here!! I don't know what is wrong with it!


A test! @Ian's account is all about the tests! Super weird projects are made on his/her account. The Hopscotch Team must just be testing!