The Hopscotch Team follows me?


After I had posted my level, Emoji Joyride Version 1.1, I received a notification that "The Hopscotch Team" has liked my level and is even following me! The reason I posted this is because I want to know if this is a normal thing for people, if this is legit, etc.


Yeah. It's pretty normal and real. They started following me about two years ago.


Its normal for most ppl to get likes and follows from the Hopscotch Team they started following me about a year and a half ago.. btw I like the emoji joyride


Yeah. I'm surprised by the huge following that level got. I think it has at least 20 likes. (Which is about 18 more than usual for me)


No wait, scratch that, it has over 100 likes.


Wow! You guys are lucky! The Hopscotch Team doesn't follow me, but I think @Ian has an account that follows me!


Rlly? Wow! THT follows me, but I never get a follow from a specific person in the HS team!


No one on the hopscotch follows me yet!


Dont worry! Your not alone. I'm still trying my hardest to receive a follow from them! :wink:


WHAT?! THT FOLLOWS YOU! Oh my gummy worm. SO LUCKY! Congrats! (from the future :P)


Me too. They have liked stuff, but not followed.