The Hopscotch Stock Market

This shop/request/currency is started by me (@DogIcing) and everything is handled by me, not Hopscotch. You can find other similar self-started events in the #shops-and-requests or #competitions-and-events categories, or even start one yourself. Because this is started by me, Hopscotch and the forum leaders are not involved or responsible in any of the transactions here.

Welcome to the Hopscotch Stock Market!

Every day I’ll release stock prices based on total value, amount sold, amount bought.etc.

Got a question or idea?

All questions and ideas are appreciated. Ask them now!

So, Are you ready to trade?

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More information and free stuff will be released soon.

Reply below to trade/list your shop/list your currency!


So if I start a company, is there a base valuing of the company?
Can I sell bonds?


can my shop be in it
SoaringOstrich56722… THE SHOP
this is cool Im also getting into stocks IRL


I value them when it starts and give my opinion, but in the end, it’s solely up to you.

Sure, i can keep track of them!

Ok here’s a form:

Amount to sell (%):
Into how many stocks do you want to divide that into?:
How much money is made on average (i can calculate this for you if you want):
How much money is needed?:

Oh hey, same with me haha


5 stocks
I dont make seds my one sale was a shoutout and im broke sooo
I dont know


Ok, how much do you want to make?


A few shoutouts maybe or if its seeds a few seeds


Ok, what do you prefer?


seeds probably so I can play more wrenchbot


Ok, I’d recommend a selling 5 stocks owning 10% of the company each for 1 seed each, so you would still own 50% of the shop (meaning you will receive half (50%) of the profits) and will obtain 5 seeds if someone buys them, the price is a bit low since there isn’t really much “profit”, but i’d recommend maybe placing some ads in your game to increase your price, until anyone buys the stocks, you will own them but i’ll put them for sale. The first sales and prices page will be released in around 20 hours (tomorrow morning). I hope this makes sense, if not pls let me know.


got it, thanks for putting my shop in


Ok. No worries!
Edit: lol i spelt no as now haha


would you be able to elaborate on the trading and how the seeds are being handled? if you could outlines specifics, that would be great. we see your post above but just elaborate on and explain your system with details and examples as much as possible
if this is heading in the direction of the actual stock market, that counts as gambling and isn’t something we can allow. but if you can explain it and make sure that it’s static and within our guidelines, we can help you reframe this accordingly a bit


Same as the balloons one that i asked you to close, is that allowed? If not, would a warranty like if we offer refunds, would it be allowed?


@FearlessPhoenix ^^


I looked at that one and found this website: The Balloons Stock System. Is this system here the same as described on the website? What we’re asking you for here are details about how the seeds will be handled. For example, how will they be split between users? Who will handle those payments?

As far as questions about the base system go, it looks like a lot of them can be answered on the web page above, if the system is the same.


Completely same just instead of balloons, all currencies. I handle the purchases of stocks and take full responsibility. The dividends should be split between the holders by the shop owner, or whoever owns the majority of the shop, but if they don’t I’m fully liable.


how is stock value decided? does it change?


if everyone could please refrain from trying to buy/sell stuff while we’re figuring this out, thatd be great :))


It does change, I created a formula for me to follow, so really there is no favouritism or anything. All I do without a pre-set formula is give a suggestion on how much stocks should start selling, but in the end, it’s only a recommendation and it’s up to the shop.
The formula is:

If [Recommended Sale Price = Original Sale Price] {
(Average Profit Every Month / 100) x 3

Otherwise {
((Average Profit Every Month / 100) x 3) x (((Original Sale Price - Recommended Sale              Price) / Original Sale Price) × 100)

If it makes you guys feel any better about this, I can try to recruit some people to help with this, so there is no mathematical errors in the calculations and average out our price recommendations.

Edit: I can also make a hs project, so all the calculations are made by a computer

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