The Hopscotch Star Program ⭐️

Ohhhh now I get it tyyy president


Maybe “star dev” would have to be chosen by hopscotch by submitting a form on the forum

The “Star Dev” recieves a small amount of seeds for everyone who buys seeds by using their code

You maybe have to fulfill some requirements to get it

For example:

  1. Must be regular
  2. Must have a top masterpiece game
  3. Must have 5k likes
  4. Must have been on the app for 1 year
  5. Must have been on the forum for 2 years

Here’s how Star codes usual work because some of y’all
are confused

Star codes are usually for top creators on a platform

When someone goes to check out a in game currency (in this case seeds) they have the option to support a Star creator by entering a star code

A star code is usually the persons username or a word related to them (example: Star code for DolphinMan64 could be Dolphin)

When someone buys an seeds with someone Star code the Star creator would get some seeds (for example DolphinMan64)

Let’s say someone buys 10 seeds by using DolphinMan64 Star code

DolphinMan64 would get some free seeds because someone used his Star code

Tiffany some buys some seeds by using a persons Star code
The Star creator would get a few free seeds depending on how much the person spends

(This does not mean he takes a portion of your purchases, he just gets free seeds because you used his Star code)

This helps top creators make more games boosting hopscotch’s game quality


This was exactly my vision! Thanks for creating a post explaining for us


Thanks for having such a great idea


Personally I dont think its good to make likes matter