The Hopscotch Spring Contest 2017!



Hi! Since spring started a few days ago, I wanted to do a fun, hopscotch related contest! So, we will be doing small trials and polls.

Trial agenda

Trial #1: Spring related project
Trial #2: a drawing that represents Spring
Trial #3: make a Spring poster

Here are the polls
If you want to add a new one please tell me

Best friend
Best role model
Best artist
Most positive
Oldest hopscotcher
Best coder @Dolphin_coders
Best trail art
Best games
Best pixel art @Dolphin_coders

Members so far

The prize is a fan club

Bai! Enjoy this topic! =D



I’ll join! :D.


Ok sure! A poll or a trial


Um, I might join the poll?


Which poll
Or maybe add a new one


This is a good idea, but please don’t add “Official” at the top. It’s not “Official” unless it was made by THT, a mod, or they approved it/the person who would make it. I’m editing the title.


Ok sorry
I’ve just seen some other topics that say Official summer contest 2017


Yeah, either they shouldn’t have been named that or they were approved by a mod. Don’t worry about it.


Ok. I just named it the hopscotch Spring contest because I want people to know that it’s related to hopscotch


Alright, that works.


Just making a note about something…the “Official” Contests go the seasons in America so we are still in Fall. Even if you started to do the Fall Contest I am running it.




Um…this is for the Southern Hemisphere. You can still join if you want.


Ok but just saying! I like to see how ou work this out!


Ok would you like to be in it


No…it doesn’t have any prizes


Maybe I could add one


Story of my life right there.


Is it spring for you? Autumn just started here in Sweden.


You live in the Southern Hemisphere?