>>>>The Hopscotch Project Hunt!<<<<



Welcome to the Hopscotch Project Hunt! Your aim here is to find a project in Hopscotch to post here (with the ID in it...)
and get some points for prizes! (The points are kept here and in my notes for safe keeping.)


If you think I'm begging for likes...
I am giving only. The points have NO value, and I don't gain anything from this.

New challenges every Sunday... or earlier!

If you would like to join...

Say that you would like to join, then you can receive 50 points!


Newest: (These will go away after one person beats it.)

Recurring: (These don't give you as much, but they don't go away once you beat them. No doing twice!)

Recurring: Find me a project of your favourite. Reward: 50 points
Recurring: Find me a project that is published by my old account. Reward: 50 points

User Created: (See below)(These will go away once you beat them)

<(DancingLollipop) Find your first project! Reward: 50 Points>

Submit your own!

If you would like me to add a project to User-Created... email me with a challenge at eddard03@hotmail.com
Once someone beats them you get 50 points and so do they.

Users Joined:


Blue Fangio (Bank)
Fun_in_the_Sun (50 Points)
comicvillestudios (770 Points)
EpicLBPTime (100 Points)
JonnyGamer (50 points)
Hermione (50 points)
DancingLollipop (600 Points)



One like on one project: 10 points (Useable once per one day)
One Like on 10 projects: 750 points (Unlimited)
One like on every project (that can be reached): 2015 points (Useable once, no more likes available)
Follow (If I haven't already): 100 points


I want to join :thumbsup:


OK, You have 50 points.


Count me!



Okay 50 points for you!


By the way, what do you mean by, "with the ID in it." You mean the link?

If so, I would like to submit an entry.

Newest 1: Find me a project of your best.

The Entry (with screenshot)

Star Wars: TIE Fighter dodge.
Link: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xmtb9xsle


Can I join?
Please? I uave some good projects (I think)


That's 270 points! Now adding to your points


Yep! You can join!! Adding 50 points to your account.


Ok! Can I submit an entry?


Can I join @BlueOrangeFangio


Can I join? @BlueOrangeFangio?
Do I need to say a project with the link?
Can I post multiple projects?
What do the goals have to be?
I'm really confused here...
Is it each like is 100pts?
Ex) 20 likes = 200 Pts.


Yes you can join!
You need to post a project with what name of the challenge it has (such as Newest 1) and a screen shot.
Yes. But you only get points for the first one.
The goals? Your aim is to get to 2015 points and take the "Like on every project". Then you're done with this.
One like is 10 points. (Useable once a day.)


Yes you may, I shall give you 50 points


Yes you can. 2020202020202020


The answer to finding a famous HOPSCOTCHERS project!<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/4/4c3dfce083253635c7b3a370b7dac7549da7f6d5.png" width="666" height="500">


How do you make the arrows that open up something @BlueOrangeFangio?


Could you give me a link? The screenshot doesn't work


stuff here
[/details ]