The Hopscotch Peace Awards



Every one is different! That is okay! This Awards is to projects that show that! At the end of each month I’ll find good projects that show this! You can too! You can nominate and decide together after all this is the peace awards


That’s a great idea!


Thank you EXPLORER_!


I agree with @Explorer_! This is a great idea! I think that there are many cool projects that shows this, and I would like to nominate this one:

Somehow, I can’t find the original project (at least I think so), and it says “FoodDelivery 2016” in the project, but I couldn’t find it on his profile.


Ooh awesome idea!!


I always feel weird self nominating because I feel super self centered :confused: soo… let’s just pretend I didn’t make these?

This one is for Pride month and showing that people are people no matter who they love

This one is for earth day, and I made it to show that we all live on one planet, all together, no matter what you look like


Nice idea.


Is anyone still doing this?


No idea. I think we might need a