The Hopscotch Otaku Club {Begin!}

You ever get made fun of JUST because you’re an Otaku?

I feel very insulted

Well, in here we can all be Otakus together!

I am going to make an account named The Otaku Club on hopscotch, if someone decides to join, and we will debate over the username if you have another idea.

I will be accepting 12 members.
Unless you convince me by drawing Len, but don’t if that’s a little weird to you…

Here’s the sign up form:
You can say none if you don’t have any, but at least you have one.

Favorite Anime(s):
Favorite Manga (series):
Favorite Vocaloid(s):
Anything else other than the main three?:
Hopscotch Name:

And also here we can just talk about Otaku interests, and maybe talk about what projects to make. There will be four parts.

President: @KatrinaPlays
Vice President: @Malie
VIP Member: @Bubbles4Ever929 @treefrogstudios @AmiiboTrash
Regular Member: @ButterBark @iReesesCup (2)
Basic Member: (3)

President: Gets to be the leader of the group, decides what do do out of choices. Tests the projects. Publishes!
Vice President: Gets to be the President when the president is gone! Also, helps out the club too.
VIP Member: Gives the president ideas of what to do! Does the advanced, harder work.
Regular Member: Gets to do most of the harder side of work, makes disicions on how it’s done.
Basic Member: Do the normal work, and give out some ideas to the Regular Member!

I will add your name to the list if your accepted.

##Lets’s Begin!!

Have fun!


What's Otaku?


Otaku is a person interested in Japanese culture, like anime, manga, Vocaloid, and many other Japanese cultures, but those are the main three that every otaku knows about.


Oh okay, thanks!


Favorite Anime(s): Sailor Moon :3 Such a noob
Favorite Manga (series): Hetalia
Favorite Vocaloid(s): I don't like vocaloids
Anything else other than the main three?: Nup
Hopscotch Name: LittleFox


You are in, since you are the first one to sign in, you are the Vice President!
Ask me to change it ONCE if you don't like the position


So now the account is made!

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Favorite Anime(s): Fairy Tail and Sailor Moon :3
Favorite Manga (series): Don't read manga ;-; but I want to
Favorite Vocaloid(s): Hatsune Miku
Anything else other than the main three?: Nu
Hopscotch Name: Bubbles4Ever929


Welcome, you are in!
Same thing, ask me ONCE if you want a different position.

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Favorite Animes: Pokémon Origins
Fave Manga: Warriors Manga
Fave Vocaloids:Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Len :3
Anything else? Not really, except I love sushi XD
HS Name: Tree Frog Studios

I'm really new to being an otaku, and I love anime and manga already! :3


Okay, you are in!
Same thing, I'm just too lazy to explain it again.


On Tomodachi life I put Hatsune Miku and made her perform one of her songs lol.

They didn’t have the tune so I chose the pop song and changed the lyrics XD

I just watched a video of one of her songs and copied what I saw lol


Favorite Anime(s): Clannad.
Favorite Manga (series): Hatsune miku Mix.
Favorite Vocaloid(s): Hatsune Miku, Kaito and Both len and rin.
Anything else other than the main three?: Oliver and Meiko
Hopscotch Name: [classified]

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Your in!
Sam thing as others. Too lazy.

I have at least 30 figuress.

They're 12 dollars each and are quite small.


But they're so worth it.

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Favorite Anime(s): I only watched a single episode of Glitter Force.
Favorite Manga (series): What's Manga?
Favorite Vocaloid(s): What's a vocaloid?
Anything else other than the main three?: …
Hopscotch Name: tankt2016.

At least you watched an episode, since your a little low on the Otaku level, I'll make you a basic not biscit! Darn you auto correct! Until, you at least know what manga and Vocaloid are, I'll put you at the highest level available.
You are still in, did I not say that already?

They're somehing calld amiibo.

I know that I might not be an otaku but having an entire shelf of Nintendo characters is unusually joyful to have.

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Yes, I'm waiting for the Callie and Marie ones to come out,

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