The Hopscotch next Tournament!


many people wanted to join @Nerd4Ever's tournament but there (sadly) was not enough room! so I made this tournament for people. Only 10 people can join sorry!


And I noticed that you copied my tournament, and directly copied the text UptownStudios wrote.


sorry about that you i am rude


It's all right. We're cool.


I just want a contest


and i don't know how to do this


Also note that if you ever make a tournament for something, 10 isn't a proper amount of participants. You would need a number of participants that can fit properly on a tournament bracket.


Only the owner of a topic can request it to be closed; It wouldn't be fair if someone just told someone to close it.


Yep! Good recitation of the rules.
+1 virtual point


Not necessarily. There could be teams of 5, or
One tournament of 6 and one with 4, but it would stil work


It wouldn't work out well.


What do you mean? I think it would work very well.
My competition had 10 peeps


But then it wouldn't be much of a tournament. True, the definition of tournament is just a large competition, but tournaments are generally thought of as a competition that has multiple teams/players, and each one moves on to the next round. Often with a tournament bracket.


True. I respect that.