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Ok this is how to post links

How to post links in the forum
  1. Tap the upload button on a project

  1. Do the math

  1. If you did the math right, then this speech bubble thing will show up

  1. Tap copy

  1. Then paste the link in a post

And also searched pig_1 with a capital p but it still didn’t work!


Oh I didn’t know mr.gam3r already did!


Sorry, I’m not currently on an iPad! No! Maybe tomorrow. I will change the turn in date to next Wednesday.


Ok, that’s fine


Will you be able to do the challenge?


Yep, I think so! The summer contest is ending soon so I should have some time to do it.


A cheat sheet for making music in Hopscotch

1. First, determine the tempo. Tempo is how fast the song is. It is measured in beats per minute (BPM). The higher the BPM value, the faster the song will be.
2. Calculate the wait values for each beat. Once you know the BPM value for your song, then you can calculate the appropriate “Wait” values for your blocks in Hopscotch. To do this, first find the value of one beat by using this formula: 60000 / BPM
3. Calculate the wait values for different notes. If your tempo is 120 BPM, then the wait value for quarter notes is 500 milliseconds (60000 / 120 = 500). If you know the value for quarter notes, you can use that for the other notes, too.

Quarter notes = 60000 / BPM
Whole notes = 60000 / BPM * 4 (or quarter notes * 4)
Half notes = 60000 / BPM * 2 (or quarter notes * 2)
Eighth notes = 60000 / BPM / 2 (or quarter notes / 2)
Sixteenth notes = 60000 / BPM / 4 (or quarter notes / 4)

How to enter your wait values
For the each note in your song, enter the wait value of that note in the wait bubble. So if your note is a quarter note, you will enter 60000 / BPM in the block’s wait bubble.

How to play a few notes at the same time
If you want to play a few notes at the same time (like a chord), enter 0 in the blocks that you want to play at the same time. The last note, however, will be the time value of that note. So you want have three half notes playing at once, the first two you’ll enter 0, and in the last one you will enter 60000 / BPM * 2.

Referring to sheet music helps a lot for knowing which values to use for each note, if you know how to read it! (Which I highly recommend that you learn if you can’t already).

I hope this is helpful. If you need any help or have any questions, just tag me @MR.GAM3R!

How do I make music using the wait block?

Im using an ipad 1… @hyperactive_fox can u make the due dayby friday? My ipad is lagging so much


Hopscotch Name (app): BB-Box
Experience With Music: on hopscotch I’ve made some songs. You can find them if you want.
Do you play an instrument?: piano
How active are you?: pretty active
Would you do the challenges?: (Probably once a month, because I’m busy.) that depends on how busy I am then.


I can judge starting Friday. That will give you some leeway.


:grinning: You are in! The challenges are once a month because everybody gets busy, sometimes.


Here is the link to one of my projects.


What is this music club? “She says as she bursts into the meeting”


The music club is a club where we do music projects and games! We are currently coding an original song! But nobody is really doing it…
But people are busy. I get it.


I don’t think I can help. :cold_sweat: Music + dwap =:confounded::confounded::confounded:
I can’t sing, make music, hum tunes, or play an instrument.
Why aren’t the emojis working?


It’s fine! You could help judge if you wanted!


Oh! Cool. But I don’t think I’m good at anything music related. Even judging.


All right!


Oh ya @hyperactive_fox my ipad has no sound like legit