The Hopscotch Music Club!



Hi! This is the Music Club! People in this club go on Hopscotch and create music. The challenges are like creating your own song, recreating your favorite song, stuff like that!
My name on Hopscotch is Pig_1. I will post the challenges on the forum. Remix one of my really weird projects with the name I will tell you.

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Experience With Music:
Do you play an instrument?:
How active are you?:
Would you do the challenges?: (Probably once a month, because I’m busy.)

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I will add some things soon! Look again in a while!


This is a really good idea! I don’t know if there is already a music club, but I would like to join –


Okay! You’re in, Wynter!


This might help for making music in Hopscotch:


Nice! You’re in! OMIGOSH THAT MIDI HACK TOOL IS AMAZING!!! But I probably wouldn’t want people to use that in the challenges. The MIDI Hack would be a great prize, though, for first place, if you could make some!


Thanks! Glad you like it :) Yeah okay, I can do some requests for prizes.


Thank you! I think it’s an original prize.


Oh yeah! I just noticed you linked this to the MIDI hack topic. Thanks, @MR.GAM3R



Okay, @svmaddy26, you’re in! I get more busy during the school year.


Here is my entry:


I forgot – I know how to play the recorder too! I don’t know too many songs, though XP


You’re in! This is mostly about coding music, but can you rea notes? (This won’t change your status.)


well sorta i mean i am not fast but yes anyway


:wink: Yeah, I can play a few songs on the guitar and I take piano.


Hey peeps! Look at this! It’s kind of old, but it could help.


Hopscotch Name (app): Cyborgx
Experience With Music: I only make parodies… my friends all laugh because it was funny…hehe
Do you play an instrument?: Drums, piano and trombone
How active are you?: Everyday
Would you do the challenges?: (Probably once a month, because I’m busy.)


Nice! You’re in! Fifth member, not including me!


thanks i can sing btw


I think we need 2-3 more entries. How many do you guys think?