Oh yes it is. Please add your number to the wiki


@KyGuy64 week one has ended so has week 2 so put yours in week 3


I closed the wiki so people will not make the same mistake. Only keeping the current one open :slightly_smiling_face:


Are the results in yet?

I forgot about this again


@UnicornRainbow, have you finished my art yet?




Not yet


When is this weeks lottery over?


Today, I’m doing it now. You can take over after me


Week Three People
People In It
@paige1212 has 12
@Hopscotcher has 21.7
@petrichor has 77
@Awesome_E has 49
@Silverdolphin has 50
@ChickenProductions7 has 29
@TheBest1Ever has 28
@FearlessPhoenix has 6
@A_Metalhead has 66.6 (or 66)
@CoderOfMagic has 15
@tankt2016 has 2 (not +2)
@SarcasticTvHead has 3
@PillowFace has 1
@GameCodingCrazy123 has 19
@Houseelf87 has 13
@FobieFuwa has 16
@madsie05 has 33
@Legendary_myth has 41
@Stylishpoopemoji33 has 34 because madsie05 took 33.
@Awesomegirl25 has 25
@santaclaus has 88
@peppywafer21 has +2
@Mindcool24 has 42
@BabyButterfly has 8
@KyGuy64 has 44
@PandaS has 5
@Writer_Lillian has 31

And the Winner is…@Writer_Lillian Who has 31

Please request your prize.

  1. Pixel Art of your request.
  2. Trail Art of your request.
  3. Drawing of your request.

Make sure you RE enter to make sure you secure your number!

Well Done Everyone!

ALSO From now on @Paige1212 is running this Topic as sadly my time has come to leave the Forum and concentrate on coding on the APP. Thanks for all these good times. Any questions please come to my GT. I’m having a party on 6th Of April to celebrate my time here. Come to my GT to join the Party!


Wait what…
How do I run this…


Also congrats to everyone that entered


Copy what I do but change the number.


Can ChickenProductions7 make their own now?


Yes. @ChickenProductions7 would you still like to make another one or would you like to run this one as I’m leaving?


The same problem with coding happened to me…just being on the forums. You will always be welcomed back if you decide to come back again!


I won a contest with 31, an I never got my request. Since you are a great drawer, could u do my prize of a drawing request please?

Girl with brown shoulder length hair, blue eyes, blue sweatshirt, smiling, more detail?


Sorry I didn’t do it. I have so many things to do


I didn’t notice I even won till I clicked on it, and I never requested anything yet. Also, don’t worry about it. 3>


I’m glad you won. This will be my last ever post. Thanks and see you on the app @Writer_Lillian