The Hopscotch Language


Can some one help me make up a hopscotch language? Like literally speaking code. I think it would be fun!!

New Hopscotch Language!

Like hello would be: Hopshi idk kinda sorta really bored


Oh this is cool maybe bye could be bOiii


How about a pig Latin, but instead of adding "-ay" you add "hop" or "scotch" depending on whether the word starts with a consonant or a vowel!!!


Yeah!!!!!! Okay so hello: ihoph
And goodbye would be: bOiiiiii
And then help would be: elphscotch


Omg thats actually a really good idea!!


Ihoph veryoneescotch!!


This is a good idea! May i ask though: what do you mean by "annual"? :joy:


So -hop if the original word starts with a vowel and -scotch if the original word starts with a consonant!!!


histscotch opictscotch sihop :sparkles:MAZINGAHOP​:sparkles:


Hohop kayohop!!!!!!!!


Idk at this point. Now lets talk in opsctochhscotch


Ewscotch reahop osscotch riginalohop


Hankstscotch @lsasouthernislesehop




Byeay everyonescotch, I'mscotch goingay toay beday.

Like that?


hetscotch ystemsscotch antcsctoch nderstanduhop suhop!!!


ehehscotch histscotch aswscotch ymscotch deaihop!


oodboigscotch eoplepscotch, oinggscotch otscotch edbscotch.

ettatonmscotch sihop wesomeahop twbscotch