The Hopscotch iPhone App Alpha



I first saw this and it said, don't get this on iPad. (It said many other things too like iPhone design is very different) but, I got it on iPad. I can say that the iPhone app is well designed. The performance is a little slow, but I like it. Also, creating projects is fun, but it would be nice to know where everything is (meaning all the time and not having to click a button to see it, and then exit.). Also, converting iPad made projects to iPhone projects is extremely nice! I can see a lot coming out of this, and I love it a lot!


Yes I got it on my iPad as well it's hard to get used to but my question that I want to know is

Will it be a separate app for the phone?


I think it may be the same app, but it will just check what i thingy it is. (Wait, that might be buggy, so maybe separate apps)