THE HOPSCOTCH HALO AWARDS! [Vote for your favorite!]


Sooooooo in November the nick halos are on (26th)
And I wanted to make the hopscotch halos
So I’m the 2nd post I’ll make like 5 categories and you make 25 more
Andy when we get to 30 then we will make the polls!
So this is pretty much like my other award shows I’ve done in the past
Also you can make any category you want and you can nomanate anyone you want but 5max for each
Have fun!
:1st_place_medal: :2nd_place_medal: :3rd_place_medal: :trophy:


The catogories

  1. Best trail art @Maltese @TheDrawer @DMF @KayKat @William04GamerA
  2. Best pixel art @Dylan329 @Dolphin_coders @MyPizza
  3. Best games @DMF @Petrichor @CreationsOfaNoob
  4. Best sin and cosine @KVJ @Madi_Hopscotch_ @KayKat
  5. Best backgrounds @background_inc @FreshGuppy
  6. Most Kind @PinkCupcake8 @MiNi/@vanillaice @photographer123 @Kayro @KayKat @Gobli09 @sophia71205 @KawaiiRose @FearlessPhoenix
  7. Best cipher solver @Gobli09 @HappyDolphin @Panthera @Yusamac205 @Sophia71205 @Elemental_Cat
    8.Best procrastinator @PaperBagHat_meep @Dylan329 @Petrichor @KVJ @Currency5097193
  8. Best Unnoticed Hopscotchers @Icedsickle @sophia71205 @Gobli09
  9. Best Spam Liker @MyPi @Gobli09 @BluBerries @Elemental_Cat
  10. Funniest Hopscotcher @KVJ @we2fd_the_cat
  11. most mysterious forumer: @Petrichor @Kayro @CheckMyBioIfIlikeU
  12. Best artist @photographer123 @PinkCupcake8 @Grizzlyzoe @Serenity


Self nominations ftw…


How about…like, an obsession category?

Someone who is obsessed with something (taylor swift, cats, etc)

this is such a dum.b idea…


*provides evidence even tho she didn’t ask for any

i have so much more but it wonttt loaddd gahhhh

ask @photographer123

(DNT take this srious haha…)

but srsly if there is actually a category…
tag me :wink:


I still can’t believe we are doing another award ceremony…


Photo…you said you had to go…


Lol obsessed much?? XDD fave song in Reputation?


my parents called me out for dinner, but turns out I have like 10-15 min


Oh ok…I am still just chilling…


then I’m just hanging…idk


Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


@sophia71205 Eh, what… I didn’t do much cipher solving… I only found out the @ men’t space…


What? I can’t believe I’m on the kind one.


How about Best Unnoticed Hopscotchers and Best Spam Liker


Stop being so humble @Kayro :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: u r so kind!


There can only be 5 per category so I deleted that most recent down to 5.


Should there be a drawing or art category?


Thanks so much for editing me @Petrichor!!!


@HopscotchRemixer I don’t think nominating yourself is allowed… isn’t 3 selfnominations a lot?
@Paige1212, what do you think? Plus, each category shouldn’t contain more that 5 forumers?


Plus, do you really use CoSine in your projects, @HopscotchRemixer?