The Hopscotch Generosity Contest!




Read the rules please!

  1. Complete the task assigned.
  2. Play the mini-game.
  3. If there is another level... Next level!
  4. If not, you will receive a prize for completing the entire list of levels first, if you did.

Minigame Rules
  1. You will get a chain of likes from "A Hopscotcher"
  2. You must find the odd liked project out.
  3. Post the link to this page.






  1. Like the latest project.
  2. Follow the latest project's owner.
  3. Like the two most recent projects.
  4. Follow two random project owners.
  5. Rehop a unpopular hopscotchers project with less than 20 likes.
  6. Review a game with less than 20 likes.
  7. Provide suggestions to a project with less than 20 likes.
  8. Like 8 of the most recent projects.
  9. Play 10 recent games and like them.
  10. Make a project based on a recent project with less than 10 likes.

The current projects!



Can I join? I have done the first 5. And the eighth one.


I'll do it!:smile: When can we start?


Can I join?


Yes! But right now I have to sleep


Yes! But right now I have to sleep... Im sorry


Yeah, you can join, but I can't do any minigames right now


Ok thanks :slightly_smiling: :stuck_out_tongue:


I will join! This is gonna be
Okay did some minigames


You can join, I just can't do minigames now.