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Chapter 1

Rubystar had arrived in Rio where the Hopscotch Games were being held. She checked THG topic on the Fourm. SmilingSnowflakes had just posted. "Your challenge, is to code a scene. Pretend your just coding your window and what's outside of it. Simple? Start! Due date is August 5th!" It was August 1st. Rubystar raced to her hotel room, knocking over once of the room service carts outside someone's door. A boy with dark hair and eyes stuck his head out the door. "Keep it down!" He hissed. "I'm trying to code!" Rubystar stopped in her tracks. "Are you competing in THG?" "Yes." The boy replied. "Who are you?" Rubystar asked. "I'm KVJ," he replied. "Now shush!" And he closed the door.
KVJ slammed the door as the girl walked away. "The people who interrupt me," he mumbled to himself. He sat down again and began to work. He pulled out his phone to look through his pictures. He had to have some picture of his window. Finally finding one, he began coding. Bringing out text pieces and setting them to colors. "This might the best text art I've ever done," KVJ said just to himself.
Silverdolphin quietly closed the door behind. She began to unpack her things in her hotel room. She went on the Fourm to check THG topic. "K...." She said after looking at challenge. "What's the date?" She said to herself and checked. August 1st, 2023. Hopscotch had become very big. So big there was a national HS comp (oh yas the shortening of da words).

Chapter 2

suddenly a bubbly excitable girl Jess burst through her hotel room door supposedly but it appeared she had ran into the someone else's with a cheery hello oh great again all the boys were quietly doing there competition project but she had made them all so annoyed that they had ruined there projects by accident she ran outside and sat on the back porch of the hotel and opened her iPad up she then designed a quick entry and posted it coz she just wanted to make friends this year she stood up opened hotel door she then saw candycane and as she ran over to give her a hug she fell flat on her face what would they all say or do? How embarrassing... A girl with blond-and-red-tipped hair turned. "Hmmm?" She asked looking up from her iPad. "Never mind. But hi! Who are you?" Jess888 asked. "I'm Rubystar on HS, EmeraldKittyCat on the Fourm," the girl replied. "EmeraldKittyCat? Hi Fren! It's me, Jess!" Cried Jess888. "Jess ! How lovely to see you ? How come you are here ? I am here with my good friend , KVJ ! There is a new girl called silverdolphin here who you can call Silver ! Silver , come in and meet Jess ! " Rubystar replied ! As soon as she said those words , a average height 10 year old girl walked in. She was wearing a sapphire blue dress with silver frills at the bottom . She had light tan skin with dark brown eyes . She had medium length hair which was wavy ! "Hya!" She said excitedly I am silverdolphin on the forum but silver dolphin on the forum ! I know you , you are Jess ! I love your things on the forum !
Really KVJ is here like omg i gotta run he will go crazy I haven't been on the German school for what 53 days re he is run shouted 13 year old Jess who had long flowing brown hair and big blue eyes as she flung into action

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