The Hopscotch Games SIGN UPS


You may have read the title, I hope so.
I'm writing another story.
It'll be kinda like the Hunger Games but no one dies.
It's just like challenges and stuff.
So what I'll be needing is a leader, I can tag for all the stuff.
You guys are my leader frens, can one of you help?
So yeah, it's going to be on Global Edit.
And if your sign up is accepted, you can help with the writing, or if you don't want you don't have to.
But I need at least 2 other writers, as I'll be one.
If you sign up you actual Hopscotch username there.
That's what you will be using for the story.

Here's the Fourm you'll need to fill out.
Story age 10-18:

Here's mine.
Username: Rubystar!
Story age 10-18: 13
Gender: Female
Looks: Long blond hair red tips, blue eyes, wearing a red blouse and silver legging, black shoes
Personality: Rosy, funny, sweet, a bit firey sometimes
Writing?: Yes

I hope you sign up!

Peeps signed up:
@Silverdolphin (Writing)
@Jess888 (Writing)

The Hopscotch Games!

Username: Kitkat26​:joy::purple_heart:
Story age 10-18: 15
Gender: Girl
Looks: tall, blond hair, green eyes, pretty, glasses, skinny,
Personality: cool, kind, funny, thoughtful, helpful, sometimes stubborn
Writing?: Nah.


You are accepted! I'll let you know when the story starts.



Maybe try the OMTL?

Also, I know a lot of peeps like the hunger games, so maybe make Hunger games bigger and in bold to catch people's attention?


haven't read HG my mom told me bout it tho




Yes... It's ok.... I don't care.


Scratch that. You are not a Regular so it is not on Global Edit.

It is fine the way it is.

Just, forget what I said.


Username: Silver dolphin
Story age : 10
Looks:Just under average , very light tan , brown hair , brown eyes
Personality: Kind , generous , motherly , calm tempered , loyal and polite
Writing: Definatly !


You are accepted! And thank you for being a writer! I also remember you. You asked me if we could talk once on HS but I wasn't allowed to yet. XD


Ok Yeh ! I remember ! Soo what is the story about ?


Pretty much, be prepared for a really explanation or a really short one.

There's a huge tournament. Hopscotchers from around the world compete. We make up challenges, we take turns on that, and together we work to make the book exciting or funny. The people who didn't want to write can still enjoy being in the story without having to write. There will be chapters, and other writers too, let's try not to make them super short. Random little chapter example, not being used, if used will be deleted:

Chapter 1
Rubystar checked the Fourm, meet in Rio, it said on the HSG topic. She packed up her things and headed there. As she arrived she noticed some of her HS friends. Siverdolphin and Kitkat26. She waved to them and continued on walking. A new message had come up on the HSG topic, from SmilingSnowflakes, one of the judged. The first challenge has been decided by the leaders/judges. Code your favorite animal, you have till Sunday. Rubysatr had arrived in Rio on Friday. She had booked a hotel so she headed there. In the hotel she unpacked. As soon as she was finished, she sat down on her bed and took out her iPad.

So that would be a whole chapter, you'd have to describe what you are coding and stuff. If your just on the topic of the story by yourself and a chapters finished, you could begin another chapter staring you. Remember not to write anything inappropriate. I'll have one of my leader frens help me with that.


That took me 10 minutes to write.


Too long? I think so.....


@KVJ, my only story peep!


Not too long :wink:

You wrote all that in 10 mins? Woah


@KVJ can you sign up?




Accepted! Evil? Lol.. For the story can we just write KVJ?


Sure! Or some thing like Elcreap :joy: