The Hopscotch Games! (Giant hopscotch competition!)


Welcome one and welcome all!

This is the Hopscotch games! It is a big competition against these six teams!

-Coding skillz! @SnowGirl_Studios @AvocadoDont @WinningMonkey
-# coding for days!
-Blocks or blunts!
-Got code? @PopTart0219
-Hopscotch has code
-The variable crew @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf @Sugarisyummy

This games consists of 4 rounds (3 on the leader board). The winner will get MANY shoutouts and a coded trophy! To join a team, just type what team you want to join! REMEMBER, this is extreamly challenging so join if you know you are ready for anything :wink:. This competition will last a month ending on April 5th! There would be more in this title, just getting ready :grinning:.


                                          Team?          Team?
                               Co-Finals                        Co-Finals
                        Team?           Team?       Team?         Team?
             Qualifying.                       Qualifying                    Qualifying
     Team?           Team?         Team?          Team?      Team?         Team?

                                 **Good luck to all teams!**

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I am not making leaders. I think that a team should work together :wink:.


Coding Skilz Team if i have the time... i'll check my schedule and stuff like that tomorrow


Anyone else wants to join?


Most of the forum is asleep right now :wink:


Yea true... Got to go too :sweat_smile:



May I join Coding skillz?


Yaassssss up high :raised_hands:


Can I join coding skillz too please
:raised_hands: @SnowGirl_Studios and @AvocadoDont


yasss another! Coding Skilz FTW!! up high :raised_hands:




Can I join The variable crew :P


That sounds so awesome!!!!!!


You have till March 8th to join a team!


I'll join! It doesn't matter what team I'm out in. :smile:


Can we do it?


If there is room, can I join coding skillz? @AvocadoDont, @SnowGirl_Studios, and @WinningMonkey?


I'll start in the "Got Code?" Category please :slightly_smiling:


@Intellection74 and @BlueOrangeFangio why don't we join this competition and call our names Team Xenon.


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