The hopscotch forum late nighters topic


If you're on really late at night and not sure which topics are up you can talk to other hopscotchers here just don't post anything innappropriate or mean


Hmm... :thinking: I think there has been some similar topics to this that didn't really work out.


There were?
Well I'd like to give this a try


Well... The lonely crew was closed, and another similar to it after was closed, so I'm not sure about this topic...


As long as there are no flame wars here everything will be fine


I don't think it was much flame wars as it was off-topic, but we'll see.


k gtg bye


You're going already?
Well okay have a nice rest


Make sure to keep most of the posts in this topic hopscotch related, maybe say people can talking about anything hopscotch related?

Once there was a topic like this,
I think it got closed due to it being an off-topic mess. XD


Good Luck! Hope this topic doesn't get closed :wink:


Hey guys um who wants to check out my new project


@BB-Box uh...
What's yo favorite Pokemon? (I need it 6 a project. XD)


Oh um hi @pingu can you test my project out thx


Yeah, the lonely crew was closed because it was too off topic.



A forum party. That's what Anon said. This is too much like a forum party.


It's Snorlax!


It's morning for me now lol XD


Hey this looks cool :DDD

Hopefully it doesn't have the same fate as the lonely crew :(((
ooo ominous


It's 11:59
I should go to sleep instead of watching YouTube all night
Just one more video
watches a million


lol XD

I would too but why. I mean really XD

I have a Capybara to fold with origami :s